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Our Mission

At MyWellnesstar we pride ourselves in offering a broad-minded perspective when it comes to providing alternative options for physical and mental health, emotional well-being, nutrition, beauty and a general wellness focused lifestyle. We are a fast growing company with the aim of being at the forefront of natural health and beauty innovation.
Kate Gordin
"We are doing our part to encourage healthy living and a wellness lifestyle."

Health and Wellness

We believe in the impact that healthy living and a wellness focused lifestyle can have on peoples lives. With years of dynamic business experience spanning the retail, medical, and consulting sectors, helping people achieve better results has always been the mission of our founder Kate Gordin. We are passionate about inspiring healthy living in the lives of our customer.
Andrea Wroble
"The definition of mental health will expand to include everyday emotions/feelings: brands must work to provide simple solutions for stress, anxiety, burnout or exhaustion – while encouraging happiness and building a sense of community."

Our Products

We don’t have every health and wellness product on the market but we are quickly building a catalog of the very best product in each category. Our aim is to delivery true alternatives to renew, transform and elevate our customers. We want everyone to have access to healthy and wellness products at good prices so that healthy living is affordable for everyone.
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